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About Our Services

At TGCA Care, we will do our best to ensure that you or your loved one’s needs are met, with service you can depend on and rates that work for you.

Free In-Home Assessment

Our free assessment/consultation in your home is the first step to a better quality of life. It is an important part of how you choose your home care company. Each assessment is done by a Service Coordinator. This initial meeting is important and allows you to meet the people who will be supervising your care.

The assessment will take about an hour and you will be asked some important questions to help us understand how we can customize your care to meet and exceed your expectations. If your family is involved with your care, please feel free to invite them to attend the assessment, especially if this will give you a further level of comfort.

During the assessment, it is very important that we get an understanding of you, your medical conditions, and your likes and dislikes.

We may ask you:

  • Do you have any allergies?
  • Have you had any falls recently?
  • Do you need help with bathing, if so, do you prefer a bath or shower?
  • Do you need help getting dressed or undressed?
  • What medications do you take?
  • What activities do you like to do? Read, watch TV, go for a walk, play cards, have friends in for tea?

After the questions have been answered, a quick Home Safety Assessment will be done to ensure all precautions are taken to ensure the ultimate safety in your home. We will take a quick look at items to reduce the risk of falls, such as loose rugs or mats, and check for safety in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

No Obligation Client Service Agreement

Once the assessment is complete, we will prepare a care plan based on your requests, your needs and your budget. This is YOUR care plan, customized for YOU. Independence is something we strongly believe in. Your care plan will be designed to provide just the right amount of care to YOU so that you have the freedom to remain independent in your own home and enjoy a better quality of life. We will ask you for your feedback at this time to ensure that we can meet your expectations.

Once you decide that we are the home care company for you, the next step is to sign a Client Service Agreement. This agreement provides you with details regarding our policies and procedures. We very much respect that this is YOUR home. Investing so many years into a home forms a bond, not to mention countless good memories. Therefore, we want to ensure that our support workers respect your home as much as you do. This Service Agreement can be cancelled at any time. All we ask is a reasonable amount of time to settle in (usually a couple of weeks based on how frequent care is needed) and then our service will speak for itself.

We work very hard to make the right match between you and your caregiver, but sometimes a slight adjustment may be required. At any time, if you feel you would like to request a different caregiver, please feel free to contact our office and they will be happy to meet with you to address your concerns and choose a caregiver that is a better match for you.

24/7 Availability
Flexible Hours

24/7 Availability

One of our representatives is available at all times. This gives you and your family added peace of mind so that no matter when you need us, we will always be there to answer your call. The value of being on-call can only be measured by the security it offers you and your family.

Flexible Hours

You can start building your care plan with as little as 2 hours per visit. If that’s once per week or once a month, it’s your choice. No matter what the scale of the call, we will be there to offer whatever home care service is necessary including 24/7 and live-in care. If you need less hours per visit and are in a situation where it is possible, you can also Share the Care for cheaper rates as you share a caregiver with others.

Support Worker Matching

Matching the right support worker(s) to you is a very important decision, and one that we put a lot of emphasis on. This service sets TGCA apart from other home care providers. The benefits of caregiver matching are numerous and have a positive effect on you and our support workers.

Beyond the uniqueness of caregiver matching, we also ensure that we introduce the caregiver to you. This increases your comfort level with starting something new and decreases your anxiety over having a “stranger” come into your home.

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Delivering the right care for you or your loved one is important to us. Please give us a call 1800 950 868 for a free in-home assessment where we can learn about your needs, and work with you to find the home care services that are right for you. You can also fill out the “ENQUIRY FORM” and we will be in touch soon.

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