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Just got home from visiting Mum. She seems very happy with Sarah, who has managed to win her over by taking an interest in her garden. If there's one thing Mum loves it's tending to her plants, so Sarah is definitely a winner there.

I know Mum is also very comfortable with Ruth now and actually looks forward to her coming over for the afternoon shift.

One new issue Mum seems to be having is incontinence and not understanding that hygiene is important. I leave all my trust with the girls knowing how best to deal with it and will be guided by their instructions and ideas going forward as this is all new to me.

I love that they are also leaving me notes to update me with the events of the day. It goes a long way to settle some of my anxieties and assuring me that she is well taken care of whilst I am at work.

So far so good! I believe you have made the right choice for my mother and could not be happier with the outcome.

Your patience with me also has been exemplary and to be commended.

Thank you for making the transition feel quite effortless!

We wanted to let you know that mum has improved so much that we no longer need to monitor her, she can now take herself to the toilet overnight. We also wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to you and your team of carers who helped us through these emotionally tough last few months.

The Good Companion provided overnight care for our mum. The TGC team were easy to work with and I felt they really cared that mum was provided with the best possible care. The team of carers were lovely. Any concerns we had were quickly addressed. The carers always turned up on time and we were even able to arrange additional services at short notice. Mum no longer needs the service but should she need it again we would not hesitate reaching out to them again.

Hi Team, the three carers are brilliant! Mum is very happy and comfortable with all three. I know this because for the first time in a long time she is actually smiling. I attribute that all to Sarah, Ruth and Danielle and the companionship and care they provide. Your choice of carers has been spot on! Thank you :)

Called TGCA Care around 6 months ago and spoke to Service Coordinator was very pleasant and lovely to speak with after speaking with her it came to my attention that I could not use her services as I was NDIA managed which meant that I could only use providers that the NDIA had approved.

We had been trying to use the NDIA providers but found that they were so unreliable, and my son wasn’t getting the care that he so needed. Belinda suggested that when my son’s plan came up for review that I self manage or plan manage his funds not through the NDIA as I would have more flexibility with the service providers that I can use.

I couldn’t wait another 6 months for his review so I decided to ask for an early review with the NDIS 3 months later I was approved to self manage my son’s funds, I called the Service Coordinator and she came out that week to discuss the services that I wanted for my son. The very next day after meeting with the Coordinator, services had commenced and I couldn’t be happier with not only the care companion but with the advice and swiftness of being set up with service.

A big thank you to all of the staff from TGCA CARE that looked after my mum in her village while I was away they helped her settle in to the community lifestyle took her to the activities and to her appointments would recommend TGCA CARE.

Thank you TGCA CARE for helping us fill gaps in our clients schedule as he lives remotley a lot of places said no but you said yes took it as a challlenge that you were determined to succeed at and that is excatly what you did client happy & us as providers happy.

I would like to express my gratitude for the care, support and love that Shireen has given our family over this extremely tough time. She went above and beyond what was needed. Everything she did was out of love even though she only knew us for a short amount of time.

Thank you very much. You have no idea how much I appreciate the service you provide and at such short notice. There is no one else like you!!...NO STRESS!! Jessica rang me this evening to introduce herself and I feel totally at ease with her being with Mum overnight.

Please pass on our sincere thanks to Debbie for her care and focus with Mum. It has been a great support for Vera and me.

Thank you Belinda for the easy set up of a companion to visit my mum who lives in a facility , Ruth absoutly adores Shama and looks forward to seeing her every week.
I met Susan on one of my visits to my Aunty Danielle. We shared contact details at that time, and Susan has been in touch with me every two or three days to keep me up to date with Danielle’s progress. I have found Susan to be a very caring and compassionate women. Over the last few weeks she has kept me up to date with the many things, that she and my niece Mary have done. Between my Niece and Susan, they made my Aunts life a happy and special time. As a family, we were dead against the Nursing Home option, as that was not Danielle’s desire, and she was most unhappy there. It relieved us all to receive from Susan regular photos of Danielle. As a family, we thank your organisation for being there, to help Danielle have her wish to be in her own home, with her cat honey, by her side.
I just wanted to send an email to say how absolutely wonderful Jane and Rose have been in their care for Caroline over these past weeks. They have gone way beyond our expectations and we couldn’t have got through this without them. Rose has been an angel for not only Caroline but all of us in the family too. She has become a friend, a shoulder to cry on at this tough time and a true professional throughout. Jane was only with Caroline for a short time but she also showed such care and compassion, we appreciated it very much. Please accept our deep gratitude and appreciation for these wonderful carers you have on the team. Daughter.

I write now, to say thank you and your team for the absolutely outstanding support and care of Mum for the last few years and - in the last two years of his life - also for my father.

Almost without exception, all of the Companions who worked with Mum were overwhelmingly kind, patient, caring and very professional. They are in fact, a group of extraordinary women who all give over and above their expected remit. Over the years, they became almost part of our family. When my father also became quite unwell, we were so very, very grateful that the Companions extended themselves to also care for him too, in addition to Mum. It was a very challenging time for us and all of the carers and we are indebted to TGCA for going the extra mile during that period.

We also wanted to comment about the service generally. Pam does a superb job of coordinating it. Her personal service and her obvious concern for the clients is impressive. She often went out of her way to support us and to sort out problems. Despite the many clients I know that you have, she always made us feel special and unique. I can highly recommend this service. We are lucky to have access to it.

We have had the pleasure of using TGCA service from the end of November until the beginning of March.

Communication was easy and efficient with excellent flexibility. John has made great recovery from his stroke so we are now looking to the future and what he may need. We would not hesitate to recommend TGCA.

Daughter’s feedback about her Mother’s care. my thanks on behalf of the family for the excellent service your agency provided for Mum in often challenging circumstances.

In particular I would like to mention Gael. Gael has a way about her that made Mum comfortable, and it was through Gael’s care and attention that we managed to keep Mum in her own home for the last 3 months.

I am the youngest daughter of Kate. Andy was my mother’s caregiver for the last year of her life. I wanted to write to you as your company assigned her to my mother’s care. It is important to my father and I that we submit something that attests to Andy’s competency and compassion.

When a person is chronically ill people often define them by their disabilities. Their names become attached with conditions and care management. Andy treated my mother with respect. She recognised that we wanted to protect my mum’s dignity. She had the ability of bringing a smile to my mother’s face which was often shrouded in pain. She worked tirelessly to attend to her and aspects of our home.

I have worked in youth and adult development for 23 years as a health social worker, programme developer, programme and personal development manager. I am also a university educator and clinical supervisor. I have observed many practitioners attend to clients. Andy’s sensitivity and sincerity was so appreciated.

I lived with my mother for 33 years. She was the most influential person in my life and as such I was highly protective of her. My father and I were able to fulfil our employment responsibilities knowing that mum would be holistically cared for.

Please pass on our best wishes to her and our thanks for honouring the most magnificent women we have ever encountered.

TGCA have been with Mum for over a year now and her care over this time has been wonderful. The service provided is very reliable and to an excellent standard. Pam has put together and maintains a really good team of staff and really seems to understand the needs of her clients. All the support workers are doing a marvellous job in every aspect - in so many big and little ways. Mum often tells me she is happy, contented and I can really see that the care and attention, she receives has made a big difference to her health and happiness. Mum and I both feel that TGCA have her best interests at heart. Mum’s pet dog is also very well looked after and the house is spotless, and feels like a home. Thank you to everyone for such a professional and caring service that has enabled Mum to stay in her own home comfortably and safely. Both Mum and I have no hesitation in recommending TGCA's service.

TGCA has provided care for my Mum since July 2015. The support workers who look after her on a 24 hour basis fully understand her needs. They are also a source of company for my Mum and take her out for shopping and social activities. This has enabled her to continue to remain in her own home.

We would be delighted to endorse your services. It has made such a difference for all of us. We were struggling after Dad's passing to manage Mum's re-engagement in living on her own. The companions have provided a much needed support and reassurance for us all. Mum really looks forward to your visits; you are warm and engaging and she has come to know and trust you well.

Towards the end our mother was completely bed ridden, suffering from bouts of dementia, and they coped marvelously; she always looked immaculate and happy. In fact they gave her the love and care that usually only family members are capable of.

The girls have been so excellent and have added so much enjoyment to mother’s daily life... they have changed her life from existing to living.

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